Modern (Digital Download)

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Modern is now available to download from iTunes.


It is also downloadable from Amazon.


“Modern is perfectly beautiful! Congratulations!”

“A fantastic slab of richly produced post-punk layer cake with slices of rich warm goo interspersed with razorblades, texture and fractured knuckle-bones. Gets a thorough thumbs up… You should buy it now…”

“… monstrously compelling…”

“We listened to this ….many times…while we were driving yesterday. It’s excellent and what beautiful vocals!”

“This is a brilliant album.”

“… an aural adventure and an essential addition to your collection if you like Bauhaus, Play Dead or Dead Can Dance (the slower tracks are reminiscent) ….a post punk modern classic.”

”… this is a brilliant album which opens a little bit more with every single listen and usually that’s the mark of an album which will be a classic.”