Paul Devine Books Published

Siiiii vocalist Paul has just released the third of the three books he has published during lockdown.

Paul’s colourful life is beautifully documented in his first book, his autobiography ‘The Devine Comedy’, which has received plaudits for its conversational, page-turning style and its wry, humorous, poignant and occasionally shocking content. Diagnosed with ADHD at the ripe age of 55, Paul has lived most of his life fighting the invisible assailant that is the condition undiagnosed. His book explores this, other mental health issues, his troubled early life in East Anglia, the 80’s Post-Punk scene, and his eventual coming to an understanding with himself and the world in the UK’s West Country.

His second book, ‘Here Be Hermits: The Year of Covid’, published in May 2021, is a semi-fictional diarised account of the surreal and challenging year that was 2020. Devine, a comical, disgusted and usually cynical everyman, chronicles the struggles and triumphs of that time. Heavily illustrated with photographs, the book details the anxiety, hilarity, sadness, frustration, fury and the often unexpected joy all of us experienced.

His most recent book is a modern Gothic-horror mystery novel, ‘The Hallow Man’.

1954. Two promising Sheffield students disappear without trace. After seven years they are pronounced missing, presumed dead.
Thirty years later, in 1984, Seb, another student vanishes. Two of his friends, Ptarmigan and Gerda, were with him. But they have a strange amnesia about the events leading up to his disappearance.
By 2014, Ptarmigan has collected enough clues about the tragedy to persuade Seb’s still-grieving ex-partner, Rita, back to Sheffield to find out what happened all those years ago.
As they move closer to the answers, Gerda, Ptarmigan and Rita soon discover that their lives have also been contaminated by a far more mundane, far more human antagonist.
Their investigations take them from the writings of Aldous Huxley to a pilgrimage by a group of 12th Century monks. From a pamphlet by an obscure Elizabethan nobleman to Victorian architectural riddles concealed in the old Sheffield General Cemetery. And local legends and years of press reports about a terrifying creature called The Hallow Man.
The Hallow Man is a tale of horror, myth, friendship, love, loss, and perhaps redemption that spans the centuries.

All three books are available worldwide from Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats. If anyone requires a link to their geographical region, please ask at [email protected]